Benefits of Office Refurbishment Sails

At Shade Sail Blinds we understand how interior sails for atriums and ceiling sails make a big impact to the design, look and feel of an office refit. Apart from the obvious solar protection, anti-glare and heat reduction properties, shade sails in the office environment can improve morale and add a feeling comfort and calm. Additionally, they can add a splash of colour and fun to drab décors, harmonise discorded interiors and help zone off areas for dedicated uses. They can also an economical way of adding a wow factor to any fit out. Therefore sails “Office Refurbishment Sails” are being used more and more by interior designers and office [...]

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Conservatory Privacy Sails

Privacy Sails  With winter just around the corner most people forget that shade sail blinds are not just for adding and improving shade in your Garden Room, Conservatory, Loggia or Orangery. Privacy is actually the second most sort after reason we find customers seeking our products and services.  Shade Sail blinds not only provides stylish interior designs and shade but also offers excellent PRIVACY solutions for glassed buildings. Nowadays, we use our garden rooms, conservatories and orangeries as all year round extensions to our homes. With the majority of us living in built up areas, its extremely difficult to have a glassed building built where we're not overlooked. Privacy therefore becomes an extremely important [...]

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Increase of acoustic dampening sails

Increase of acoustic dampening sails Acoustic sails can absorb and neutralize sound with efficiency and also create abundant design possibilities with the shape, surface structure and colour, designed specially to reduce uncomfortable noises in large open areas. The ceiling surface needs to be provided with acoustic sails to achieve effective sound absorption. Large glass surfaces and large buildings structures reflect the sound and cause disruptive effects. Acoustic sail is the perfect solution for this situation. Problematic acoustics often arise because of the demand for clean lines and low maintenance spaces. These surface spaces, found in schools, airports, shopping's, office buildings etc., are often not acoustically absorbent. Sound reflects and reverberates [...]

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Why you should buy bespoke designed shade sails ?

                                                                                        Why you should buy bespoke designed shade sails ? Our company Shade sail Blinds are not like a traditional Retail Shop or Suppliers, where you simply buy a standard product off the shelf. Our differential is significantly more than a click and post service. Offering a unique and bespoke product, we are able to understand and achieve the particularly desires of our customers. This allows us [...]

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Conservatory sail no drill fixings

Conservatory sail no drill fixings At Shade Sail Blinds we provide a cleaver easy fit ‘No Drill’ installation fixing that is a tried and tested adhesive based fittings. Designed and patented by our parent company, these No Drill fittings have been developed to allow installation without making holes and damaging the fabric of your conservatory. With such fool proof installation systems it enables our conservatory sails to be installed incredibly quickly and with a professional finish every time. Our patented conservatory sailNo-Drill fixingsalso allow us to attach our indoor sails in places others cannot; meaning our designers can create bespoke conservatory sail designs as unique as you are  They are also incredibly useful if [...]

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Benefits of CAD designed conservatory sails

Benefits of CAD designed conservatory sails - When you decide to shade your conservatory with shade sail or conservatory sails you can't just imagine how important is the design process. Everyone's conservatory, orangery, garden room and roof lantern is unique in openings, layout, dimensions and potential installation obstructions - your conservatories are almost as unique as you are. So you need to make sure the sails fit exactly to your conservatories space. This is why we only produce bespoke CAD Designed shade sail blinds which grantees perfect fit every time.  Our design team is headed by James, SAIL DESIGNER who has years of experience in conservatory shade sail design. This experience and [...]

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Commercial Indoor Shade Sail

Commercial indoor Shade sail are rapidly becoming an increasingly popular solution for adding shade and design to Commercial space's such as Shopping Centre, Office Blocks, Hotel Receptions, Child Care Centre, Restaurants and even Factories. We've been designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing commercial  internal shade sail solutions for years and have been promoting then to Architect and Designers for much longer; in fact you could say we made them trendy! We are experts in functional and stylish interior shading options, tailoring all our indoor sail projects specifically towards the individual clients needs. Transforming Commercial spaces into a welcoming, relaxing and stylish place in which visitors want to spend time. Indoor shade sails [...]

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Tips on buying domestic Shade Sails

Tips on buying domestic Shade Sails Shade sails are such an amazing and practical element of architecture. They have a varying range of applications and not only practicality, they’re also stylish whilst requiring minimal maintenance. Shade sails are typically used to add flexible shade or weather protection to an area and where a permanent structure isn't a viable solution. If you’re considering addingshade sails to your home there are quite a few factors to take into consideration. If you’re about to buy a shade sail, you should know that their quality, fabrication methodology and attributes are. Here are few essential tips to consider when purchasing shade sails: •Waterproof or water resistant:Ensure [...]

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How to design a sail canopy

How to design a sail canopy                                                                                   Shade Sail Blinds is always looking to provide our clients with the best in terms of quality, practicality, style and modern design....In other words the right solution to meet the clients needs. We offer an almost unlimited degree of versatility in our bespoke design options, be it colours, style, material choice or solution. We also have a great team of architects, engineers and [...]

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Alfresco living with shade sail canopies

Alfresco living with shade sail canopies Alfresco living or Outdoor living rooms are becoming more and more popular these days. This is because we all want to maximise the feeling of freedom and social aspects of outdoor living. As such the alfresco style of living has a positive influence on our lives whilst reinforcing the fun element as we spend time cooking and socialising. Some might say it brings us closer to nature.                                  No matter how unpredictable the British weather may be you can always use your outdoor space.  By starting to think of your [...]

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