Outdoor Sun Shade Sails

Shade sail blinds by Airsculpt are the first company in Europe to develop and bring to market a permanent water repellent ‘multi directional stretch’ fabric’ Elastospan’. This revolutionary laminated stretch polyester fabric can be used to produce stunning stretched shade sail designs that not only look great, but also protect you from both the sun and the rain. This is unique to Shade Sail Blinds and Airsculpt. . Currently available in Red, White and Blue, ‘emphasising our Britishness’ this innovative fabric is directed initially at the home markets for garden sails, sun shade sails, conservatory shades, with a commercial all year round version being launched soon.

Inappropriate Fabrics, Fixings or Designs not only Reduce your Products Lifespan but can cause Property Damage, or Worse.

Being part of a tensile architect firm, we understand engineering characteristics and stress loading’s are unique to your installation site and product requirements. As such we only provide professional products and materials that are built to last; we then back these with engineering calculations specific to your design and installation site.


The Eureka Moment

This new ‘hook on hook off’ sail shade product can be designed to fit almost any space imaginable, allowing you to have the same designer style as our interior sail shade blinds but outdoors. With our ability to manufacture and stitch water tight joints, we are able to produce stretched sail shades in small or large sizes. Being an outdoor product our designs can also include more of a fun element in how the product is installed.

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Other Shading Fabrics

We are also able to provide more traditional shade and awning options. Using fabrics such as quality PVC’s, woven shade nylons and canvas; we are able to design and install more traditional offerings. All are manufactured by us right here in the UK to our exacting standards. Being part of a fabric architectural engineering group, we understand the importance of providing professional advice with professional products. We therefore ensure our products are beautifully manufactured, correctly engineered for the location in which they are to be installed, and offer exceptional durability