Alfresco living with shade sail canopies

Alfresco living or Outdoor living rooms are becoming more and more popular these days. This is because we all want to maximise the feeling of freedom and social aspects of outdoor living. As such the alfresco style of living has a positive influence on our lives whilst reinforcing the fun element as we spend time cooking and socialising. Some might say it brings us closer to nature.

                    Shade-Sail-Outdoor-Kitchen-Design            outdoor-kitchen-design

No matter how unpredictable the British weather may be you can always use your outdoor space.  By starting to think of your garden space more as an extension to your home rather than somewhere to sunbath when the sun finally turns up, you can create truly amazing changes to your garden and your lifestyle.  At Shade Sail Blinds we have exciting alternatives to the  traditional garden umbrella or common awnings. We specialise in helping people maximise their garden areas by providing stylish and functional canopies to that help our customers enjoy the outdoors regardless of the UK’s weather.      

These days an outdoor living room can contain virtually anything you like, from a cinema though to a kitchen or fitness area; meaning your only restrained by what’s in your head. Many home-owners are looking for much more than just a functional outdoor space. Why not maximise your outdoor space with a fully functional outdoor kitchen, including barbecues, grills, worktops and fresh food areas. You know, spaces for sitting and much more.

It’s what Shade Sail Blinds would like to offer our customers, much more than just shading or canopies. We can help you enjoy your outdoor space, regardless of what the British weather throws at us. Cook steaks, ribs or pizzas in a blazing-hot oven and a pick fresh salad just inches from your preparation area with your own vegetable garden. Imagine an area all designed around you and how you want to use your outdoor kitchen. That would definitely be perfect way to enjoyable the great outdoors.

A raised vegetable garden is a great idea when you cook outside, you will always have fresh vegetables and salad to use whilst cooking. It’s simple to create a small raised vegetable garden around your conservatory, or outdoor kitchen area, making it easier to reach over and pluck pure freshness and flavour.

It’s important emphasise, for  having an outdoor living space you need to invest in products that are meant for the outdoors, outside furniture and protective shade sail coverings are essential to style and for making the area work all year round.

Outdoor living room is definitely for those who like entertain!