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Partners & Distributors Programme

If you are thinking about becoming a valued partner or distributor of Shade Sail Blinds Ltd, offering high end designer interior& exterior shading solutions; have been, or are currently working with bands such as Inshade or Shadeplus, we’d love to hear from you.

Originally set up as the smaller commerical and domestic operation to our renowned Airsculpt Tensile Architectural practise, Shade Sail Blinds Ltd since its inception over 14-years ago, has pioneered the development of the iconic interior shade sails in both domestic and corporate settings. In fact, we have even designed and shipped our unique solutions to customers in countries such as Australia and America. Now that is like selling snow to the Eskimo’s as the old saying goes.

The reasons for this is our innovative approach to design and installation with continual development of improvement, such as our new enhanced No-Drill fixing called the SnapLock,which allows rapid “and manoeuvrable” interior installation without the need to drill or screw holes, providing easy adaptability and speedy installs. Suitable for new builds where warranties can be invalidated by drilling holes.

We also, only work with the finest materials and production facilities offering our clients the highest of quality, design and engineered solutions. Manufactured exclusively by our plant here in the UK.

It is with this key focus on high end quality, we are looking to further expand our offerings though our Partnering and Distribution Programme, which is open to those currently working with Inshade and Shadeplus, or those whom are new to the market and may require additional support.


If you are looking to offer clients both interior and exterior solutions, have your own installation team but need help with design, engineering and fabrication, our partner arrangement offers you control and flexibility backed by professional assistance and reassurance. Allowing you to focus on client relationship building.


If you already have an established company or are looking to set up a business offering interior and conservatory shading solutions, and wish to enhance your offerings, then our Distributor programme will offer you a ready-made package of solutions. As a distributor you will have access to our unlimited experience and assistance.

Why Become a
Partner or Distributor with us?

Access to leading design and engineering.

Customer Serviced Focus Company.

Over 14-years’ experience delivering high end quality solution to the market.

Bespoke and Innovative Solutions

Industry Leading Design & Quality

Non-Confrontational – Allied Approach.

Competitive Pricing.

Client support.

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