Benefits of CAD designed conservatory sails – When you decide to shade your conservatory with shade sail or conservatory sails you can’t just imagine how important is the design process. Everyone’s conservatory, orangery, garden room and roof lantern is unique in openings, layout, dimensions and potential installation obstructions – your conservatories are almost as unique as you are. So you need to make sure the sails fit exactly to your conservatories space. This is why we only produce bespoke CAD Designed shade sail blinds which grantees perfect fit every time. 

Our design team is headed by James, SAIL DESIGNER who has years of experience in conservatory shade sail design. This experience and knowledge is taken into account and used within all our shade sail designs to ensure the sails work to maximum effect. It also means we can build in the right aesthetic design elements to improve the design features we come to expect when you purchase your shade sail blinds from us.

When your shade sail is designed, careful consideration should be given not to only for their appearance but also for their operational functional. The CAD software we use helps our designer visualize the final product before it is made. It also helps us understand and ensure they fulfil the requirements needed – Be it shading, heat reduction or both. With our CAD design stage we can quickly make any necessary modifications before the production stage – saving you time and money.

 The benefits of a designed sail for your unique situation is huge and even essential.  Every location and installation requirement is different and needs precise design elements to ensure they offer the exact solution and correct fixing areas to meet your space. A conservatory shade sails shape that would be ideal for a Georgian conservatory would not be suitable if installed in an Edwardian conservatory.We therefore do not recommend or advocate a ‘Best Fit Scenario’. 

We offer an almost unlimited degree of versatility in our bespoke design options, be it colour, style, material choice or solution. We also have the latest CAD software package to help us develop an exact 3D planed view of your conservatories roof space. After discussing your shade requirements our design team will produce a detailed CAD design plan, where they place great importance on quality and attention to detail. They also work closely with our installation team to ensure every job runs smoothly, and to plan.

Things to consider with the CAD design stage:

Shape: Shade sails come in variations of triangles, rectangles, squares and many other indescribable options. The shapes when installed can look quite different because of the angels of installation, the Design will be drawn exactly to what the client will see once installed. In Shade Sail Blinds we continue the design process until the client is 100% happy with how their installation will look.

Installation Angles: The correct angle can give you great shading as the sun changes position throughout the day and throughout the year, on CAD design you can see perfectly how it will work when installed.

Adjust: Each conservatory is unique, we work to adjust your design so it meets exactly how you want to have your sail fitted and attached – exactly how you imagined.

Bespoke: Make you project unique. We offer high quality bespoke drafting service to your exacting requirements. As mentioned above, it is impossible to have a best fit conservatory shade sail option, as it will inevitably mean a reduced product lifespan or compromises on your shading or heat reduction requirements.

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