What warranties do you provide?

Both our Pure-Tense and Mono-Tense fabrics come with a 5-year replacement warranty as standard.

Why do you charge for design, even though its only £36 and deductible from my order?

Each design we create is bespoke and unique to the client’s individual requirements and design aesthetic. As a company, we do not keep a bank of conservatory or glazed roof models which are then adapted towards a client’s measurements. This is because we have learned that a client’s roof space or glazed area is as unique as they are. With different obstacles to overcome, installation options to look at and structural design remits to meet. This means a flexible, yet standardised model approach is not capable of providing a fully adaptable design process. The £36 “deductible design fee”, which is only asked for once the client has been provided with costs, is our way of ensuring the client is genuinely interested in proceeding. This prevents us from incurring unnecessary and expensive design costs, helping us keep our operational costs down, with costs savings then passed on to our clients.

How much will they reduce the heat in our conservatory?

Although not an exact science, as this depends upon factors such as your design, coverage and fabric colours, clients inform us that they typically enjoy up to 70% heat reduction immediately.

What fabrics do you use?

It is our aim at to offer clients improved and advanced specialist products, helping support them with an informed and conscientious decision. We, therefore, offer clients the choice of 2 excellent and specialist solar shading fabrics, to shade their conservatory or any glazed roofing.

PURE-Tense. Our primary fabric. Manufactured using 100% recycled plastic bottles, PURE-Tense is both robust and environmentally friendly. This is a specialist refined fabric which is produced from 95% Polyester and 5% Elastane. Offering a unique even 4-way stretch, PURE-Tense allows us to create some truly amazing and breath-taking designs with oblique angles and twists.  Available in a variety of 20 different stunning colours, this fabric also allows maximum natural light whilst blocking the most severe of heat and glare.

Mono-Tense.  Our mechanical stretch 100% Polyester fabric which is also produced from recycled plastic, so fully endorses the Eco remit which we at champion. Available in classic white, this fabric is inherently fire retardant “as is Pure-Tense”. Containing No Elastane, it is more cost efficient to produce, allowing us to pass on these savings to the end client.

Can I wash them?

Yes – Our sail blinds can be washed on a standard 30% wash without effective their inherent fire retardance. Here’s a link to our washing instructions download.

Do you have a showroom?

At Shade Sail when you contact us you are the talking directly with the designers and manufacturers of the product and not a distributor or reseller. We, therefore, have production facilities and do not operate a network of showrooms which traditionally resellers or agents would use to promote other company’s products.  We do however recognise that many clients like to see, touch and feel before they buy, which is why we have a comprehensive online gallery and are happy to post samples of fabrics when requested.

How much do they cost?

As part of our initial contact, we always look to give our clients a clear and quantifiable understanding of costs from the outset.  As each client’s requirements, designs, fixing options and areas requiring shading are unique to them, it is not possible to apply a standard costing template.  However, by answering a few simple questions over the phone we are able instantly to issue you with a “from- and to- cost estimate” which we adhere to. As an example, a standard full coverage conservatory 3m x 3 m, using the expected number of sails for that space, with bespoke design and any colour from our range will cost between £985 – £1,145.

Can I have fabric samples?

The simple answer is YES! We are happy to issue prospective clients with fabrics samples, for colour matching with your décor, or so you can be reassured by our quality. We have a comprehensive range of colour samples and accompanying technical data which we can post.

How are the sail blinds attached?

Our unique patented “NO-Drill” fixings solution is an ideal option for uPVC conservatory, preventing invalidating of any structural warranties. Alternatively, we have a wide variety of classic marine grade stainless steel fixings, which can be used on uPVC, wood or aluminium. Additionally, as we are often asked to assist with some of the more unusual installation issues, we have a range of specialist plasterboard, brick, metal and wood fixing solutions, including our tensile cable systems.

How long do they take to produce?

Once you have approved your design, our standard turnaround is 2-4 weeks, although we do aim to get them out to you quicker when possible. However, we recommend that customers order in plenty of time during the summer months; as this is our busiest season and holidays can sometimes impact on our delivery schedules. 

What about measuring up & Installation?

Our sail blind products are predominantly designed to be self-measure and self-installation, which helps keep costs down for our clients. This approach removes middleman distributor profits and large installation team expenses, which would typically be passed on to the end client. During our CAD design process, any measuring discrepancies are instantly highlighted by our Design Team and corrected; making our self-measuring process incredibly reliable. Therefore, we do not lump or hide installation costs within our pricing. However, we do understand that not all customers want a self-measure / self-installation service, or, may not be capable of doing this, which is why we operate a small trained team of installation engineers. Additionally, we can work with specialist local representatives on a national basis, whom can provide you with professional installation or measure services when required. This does, however, come with a small fee which can be included within your order should you wish.

Can I return them if I don’t like them?

During the Design Stage, we work with you to develop a design solution unique to you and requirements, with coverage and style of your approval. Therefore, unless there is inherited a defect in fabric or production, we are unable to accept returns.

What fabric colour options do I have and do they cost extra?

We have a comprehensive range of 20 stylish and specialist range of colours, which can be used to enhance and compliment any interior decor. Or inheritably flame returned fabrics has exceptional colour fastest conforming to BS EN ISO 105- BO2.