School Playground Shade Sails and  Canopies

With tensile architecture and design at the centre of our DNA, Shade Sail Blinds focuses on providing our customers with contemporary designed and engineered shade sail and canopy solutions. Solutions that are designed to suite the individual needs of each and every client. And, the same goes when it comes to our School Playground Shade Sails and Canopies.

With schools, nurseries, recreation playgrounds and colleges having a legal responsibility to provide all year-round protection for children and young adults, against damage caused by harmful UV, shade sails and sail canopies are more popular now than ever before. They are a cost effective and stylish solution that lets our children learn and play outdoors, in a safe environment, protected from the worst of the sun. With water repellent sail canopy designs, they can also be used to protect from frequent downpours, allowing play and classes to be held outdoor, regardless of whatever the weather throws our way.

Eco-Friendly Outdoor Learning

With a passion for outdoor learning and a strong emphasis on environmentally friendly solutions, we at Shade Sail Blinds champion the embodiment of green credentials. Working with approved recycled fabrics suppliers “that don’t impact on product quality”, and with sustainable timber partners where possible, we are one of the only UK companies whom has embraced the ecological impact which shade sails and sail canopies has on schools, nurseries, collages and playground designers.

Working with Schools and Playground Designers

Whether you’re looking for design inspiration, protection from the elements, or cost-effective solutions, at Shade Sail Blinds we work with you to uncover the perfect design and installation answers.

With a wealth of experience in designing to fixed budgets, providing creative and ingenious solutions, we have an in-depth understanding of the requirements needed. We also understand the rigorous treatment and engineering requirements an installation will need to exceed, to ensure its longevity and success. We therefore have uniquely specialised knowledge that successfully helps deliver school or playground shades sail and canopies that enhance your project. That’s why we work with Schools, Landscape Architects and Playground Designers, not only nationally in the UK, but internationally across Europe and the Middle East too.

Specialist Engineering, Design & Installation

Whether it’s a standard shade sail or a waterproof sail canopy design your after, you still need to know that each installation is safe, fit for purpose and will last for years to come.


Each installation is unique, regardless of design, size or location and so should the installations approved engineering’s be. Each design and installation will have its own controlling wind and snow loadings that need to be met to ensure its fit for purpose and safe. That is why “unlike some companies whom specialise in standard products for schools and playgrounds” we don’t rely on generic pre-produced design engineering’s. When we design and install School Playground Shade Sails and Canopies, we carry out a full set of wind load and snow load engineering’s each and every time. These engineering’s ensure we adapt our structural design and installation to meet the exacting worst case scenario loadings, specific to your installation.


There are many standard designs for School Shade Sails or Playground Canopies, such as the Hypar Sail, Triangular Sail, Square Sail and Trapezium shaped sails. At Shade Sail Blinds, with the use of our form-finding software, we are able to be a bit more creative by incorporate these designs or adapting them to make design and shape that meets your exacting needs. We are then able to work with our engineering department to ensure the final design passes all loading and safety requirements.


With a dedicated CRB checked CHAS approved installation and project management team, we are able to carry out installations for Schools, Nurseries, Collages and Playground designers, where required. Alternatively, we are also able to provide full site plans for self-installation, allowing your own team to install. We regularly work with repeat clients where self-installation is preferred and with clients where a fully tailored installation management is standard. Working with such a flexible approach allows Shade Sail blinds to provide the best of options for clients requiring School Playground Shade Sails and Canopies.

Hopefully the above provides an snap shot of the types and level of services we at Shade Sail blinds provide to Schools, Nurseries, Collages and Playground Designers whom are looking to provide shading and all weather protection on their project. However, for further information and assistance, please do not hesitate to call us on +44(0)1249 848649, where a member of our client services team will be delighted to help. Alternatively, please send enquires to to receive instant assistance.