Privacy Sails 

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With winter just around the corner most people forget that shade sail blinds are not just for adding and improving shade in your Garden Room, Conservatory, Loggia or Orangery. Privacy is actually the second most sort after reason we find customers seeking our products and services.  Shade Sail blinds not only provides stylish interior designs and shade but also offers excellent PRIVACY solutions for glassed buildings. Nowadays, we use our garden rooms, conservatories and orangeries as all year round extensions to our homes. With the majority of us living in built up areas, its extremely difficult to have a glassed building built where we’re not overlooked. Privacy therefore becomes an extremely important aspect to our lives. The definition of privacy is a quality, or, condition of being secluded from the presence or view of others, and with glassed rooms it is an extremely difficult compromise when looking for both privacy and natural light – This is where the use of shade sail or ‘Privacy Sails‘ comes in handy.                                                                 


Sometimes we forget that conservatories are 95% glass. In fact we have been told by many clients that they feel uncomfortable when using their conservatories in the winter months. Not because its cold but because leaves have fallen from surrounding trees and plants, opening up their seclusion and privacy for all to see. Stretched Privacy Sails can provide you with the perfect solution as they don’t block natural day light which other forms of blinds often do, this makes them ideal for providing privacy from nosey neighbours whilst offering the feeling of security in your conservatory. At the same time stretched sails can be designed to make your space feel more comfortable and cosy in the winter months. This is why interior sails are suitable for all seasons and for many varying and different reasons.


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