How to design a sail canopy

shade sail blinds retractable2                                                                                 shade sail blinds sail canopy

Shade Sail Blinds is always looking to provide our clients with the best in terms of quality, practicality, style and modern design….In other words the right solution to meet the clients needs. We offer an almost unlimited degree of versatility in our bespoke design options, be it colours, style, material choice or solution. We also have a great team of architects, engineers and the use industry best CAD package to develop a 3D planed view of how your sail canopy will look.


We know that a bespoke design, layout and installation plan has to be created specifically for each of our clients sites to ensure they fit perfectly, also to ensure they have the correct tension and achieve what they have been designed to do. Therefore it is essential to consider the following factors when designing a sail canopy or shade sail:

  • The angle – Angle of were the sun will be and where the shadow cast will fall.
  • Installation location – Can your planed anchor points take the loadings needed.
  • Canopy shape – This will help combat wind loading issues and rain fall flow.
  • Engineering – Is the sail canopy or shade sails tensile strength ‘and associated fixing’ strong enough for the size of the sail.
  • Supporting connections – Are the areas you plan to attach your canopy or sail capable of taking the loadings.
  • Type of materials – This determines the lifespan and ascetics of your sail or canopy as well as cost                                      

shade sail blinds design canopy2                                                            shade sail blinds design canopy

A Sail Canopy or Shade sail needs to be design to fit the shape of the area in which it is be installed. Poorly design and engineered Sails will results in problems, in varying degrees.  At best a poorly design sail canopy will shorten its lifespan or reduce its effectivenesses; at worst it can cause the sail to rupture and break way from its fixings,  causing unimaginable damage. That’s why at shade sail blind we are passionate about helping people get it right.

To understand more about designing a sail canopy or garden shade sail, call us now for an impartial discussion. TeL: 08448111382