How Much Does an External Shade Sail Cost?

This is a question we get asked a lot and the answer is more than most people think. With an influx of enquiries from people looking to access more of their outdoor space due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak, we thought is best to answer this question along with providing an insight into whats involved with designing a professional shade sails solution. So, Whats the Difference Between a Professional Shade Sail & a DIY Solution? A professional shade sail must comply with Health & Safety and building regulations. DIY shade sail options do not need to and therefore come with more health & safety risks and building insurances do not [...]

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Benefits of Office Refurbishment Sails

At Shade Sail Blinds we understand how interior sails for atriums and ceiling sails make a big impact to the design, look and feel of an office refit. Apart from the obvious solar protection, anti-glare and heat reduction properties, shade sails in the office environment can improve morale and add a feeling comfort and calm. Additionally, they can add a splash of colour and fun to drab décors, harmonise discorded interiors and help zone off areas for dedicated uses. They can also an economical way of adding a wow factor to any fit out. Therefore sails “Office Refurbishment Sails” are being used more and more by interior designers and office [...]

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Best Time to Order your Shade Sail Blinds

So, when is the best time to order my shade sail blinds and why does it make a difference? First off, thank you for taking the time to read this blog. To us at Shade Sail Blinds, its important that our customers and potential customers are provided with as much information as possible about Shade Sail Blinds, what they are, what benefits they provide, why we are different and of course when’s the best time to order! We at Shade Sail Blinds have been at the forefront of Modern Shading since we launch our first roof glazing and conservatory shade sail blinds almost 8-years ago; installing interior shade sails for [...]

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Local Representatives Wanted

Over the past seven years we at shade sail have experienced a year on year growth, thanks to our innovative, stylish and contemporary designer shading solutions. This sustained growth has enabled us to invest heavily in our production and design capabilities. So much so, that the time has now come for us to ally ourselves with a select few professional “local representative companies” to help us expand our customer supply and installation network. As a local representative you will be given access to full training and be fully backed by our office assistance, providing support from us where necessary. Based upon cutting edge fabric technology, bespoke design and fabrication [...]

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The Story Behind Why We Chose Our Fabric

To many fabric is fabric is fabric……right? Wrong! After all if they can sell stretched pants in supermarkets now for just £5, all similar types of fabrics must be cheap…..Again WRONG! When we at Shade Sail began to develop our stretched conservatory, roof lantern and roof light shade sails, we trailed up to sixty different types of stretched fabrics from across the globe, as we searched for the ideal fabric. We began our search by focusing on fabrics which gave use the right UV protection “between 80%-90%”, then we looked at fabrics which provided us with just the right of amount of natural daylight to pass through; then we [...]

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Improving the Restaurant outdoor area appearance

Improving the Restaurant outdoor area appearance Often, when we’re looking for a place to eat, the first thing that draws attention is the visual, what makes a huge difference. It’s undeniable that a well laid out facility that comes across as being cozy and beautiful designed fills our eyes and makes us feel good. Follow this with a quality of the service and food and customers will keep coming back.   The Design tendency for this sector is versatile in various fields and aspects. No matter the area outdoor or indoor, the fact is that designers are always incorporating in this sector products that bringing influences observed in society, both [...]

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Commercial Shade Sail Blinds & Canopies

At Shade Sail Blinds we’ve been working with commercial shade sails & canopies for many years, providing tailored solutions to meet your commercial needs, regardless of the requirement. Our Solutions include: • Privacy • Shading and Anti-glare • Protection from the elements • Acoustic treatment • Aesthetic architectural interest • Heat reduction Commercial canopies and sails are both decorative and functional. The flexibility of hang and installing these sails in any which way you wish means they can be arranged in artistically, giving you the most modern and stylish f options. Our team has extensive experience in the designing, engineering, fabrication and installation of bespoke commercial stretch sails, canopies which [...]

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Summer Conservatory Shade Sail Blinds

Conservatory Shade Sail Blinds Summer If your conservatory actually is a non-functional and useless place in your home or have been using as a Storage, the summer season is a perfect time to looking for options to make the most of this place in your home! Reducing excess of heat and glare with stylish and modern 3D bespoke design, our Shade Sail Blinds are the solution and also the fantastic alternative to traditional blinds, not just for the summer season, but for all year. When you decide to shade your conservatory is crucial realize how important is to have a bespoke product, not only to ensure the product is fit [...]

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