Commercial indoor Shade sail are rapidly becoming an increasingly popular solution for adding shade and design to Commercial space’s such as Shopping Centre, Office Blocks, Hotel Receptions, Child Care Centre, Restaurants and even Factories. Atrium-fabric-sail-shades-combination We’ve been designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing commercial  internal shade sail solutions for years and have been promoting then to Architect and Designers for much longer; in fact you could say we made them trendy! We are experts in functional and stylish interior shading options, tailoring all our indoor sail projects specifically towards the individual clients needs. Transforming Commercial spaces into a welcoming, relaxing and stylish place in which visitors want to spend time. Indoor shade sails are becoming the ‘must have’ for interior designers. They offer versatility in shape, size, colour and even use. Indoor sails are now being used to act as privacy canopies above hotel and office reception areas. They are also being used as an acoustic trap solution for Shopping Centres or other such Commercial Buildings. Where shade sails are being installed to act as a privacy screen or canopy in commercial settings, they still need to comply with wind loading engineering’s. This is because air conditioning, open windows and doors can cause significant uplifts which increases air pressure and circulation around the sails.  This means Indoor shades or Ceiling Sails have to be designed to fit the space. You cannot install sails on a best fit scenario as this will lead to sagging and flapping which will damage the connection and anchor points. We are very attentive on these details and aspects, ensuring we provide professional service and products which are fit for purpose. airsculpt interia-fabric-umbrella4  airsculpt sound-absorbing-ceiling-panels1   airsculpt sound-absorbing-panels3 Using Indoor Shade sail for acoustic solutions is rapidly becoming the most modern and effective solution to solve resonance issues. The dispersal patterns within modern open architecture can be extremely problematic where open spaces amplify the sound waves. The correct acoustic balance can dramatically improve a buildings appeal and provide a more warming, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The purpose of this post is to demonstrate the flexibility and problem solving solutions which interior sails are now providing in modern Commercial environments.  Not only do they provide stylish and functional shading, but also acoustic and interior design enhancements. At Shade Sail Blinds and