Benefits of Office Refurbishment Sails

At Shade Sail Blinds we understand how interior sails for atriums and ceiling sails make a big impact to the design, look and feel of an office refit.

Apart from the obvious solar protection, anti-glare and heat reduction properties, shade sails in the office environment can improve morale and add a feeling comfort and calm.

Additionally, they can add a splash of colour and fun to drab décors, harmonise discorded interiors and help zone off areas for dedicated uses. They can also an economical way of adding a wow factor to any fit out. Therefore sails “Office Refurbishment Sails” are being used more and more by interior designers and office refit companies for these very reasons.

At shade sail blinds, we work with more interior designers and office refurbishment companies than most. That’s because we understand the importance of getting design right, as well as correctly working out the particulars of installation with confirmed engineering’s. We also recognise the importance of working as part of a team with the refurbishment or interior design company. Which goes a long way with officer refit companies tendering for projects. 

Tricky Design & Installations

Such as a particularly tricky and recent “Check a Trade” office refurbishment / sail installation in Southampton, where we designed and installed over eighteen large sails “3m x 5m”, using our Eco-friendly “recycled plastic bottle” MonoTense fabrics.   

In this instance, we had to design and install sails around air-conditioning ducts, around corners, over seven-meter high staircases and ramps, and into non-load baring walls. All at the same time as providing a harmonised design with repeated aesthetic sails pattern. This was one of our more challenging of designs and installations, with limited access and timelines.

However, after three solid fourteen-hour days, our installation team completed the install. Just two days before Check a Trades call centre staff moved in. The resulting design added harmony to the office whilst providing much needed anti-glare. Allowing staff to safely view their desktop monitors. Furthermore, the sails provided a much-needed reduction in solar heat gain, creating a more comfortable and inviting atmosphere to work in.

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Another tricky refurbishment installation was with Haven Holidays at Craig Tara, where we were asked to design and install up to fourteen large multi-colour (Blue and White) ceiling sails. This was for a refurbishment project on one of their new indoor themed play centers.

To resolve installation issues and avoid clashing with suspended electrical cable trays and other protrusions, we designed and engineered a tensile cable net, suspended from and clapped to overhead I-beam’s. Using these stainless-steel down-stay arms, which we designed, we were able to install an undulating tensile cable net, to which we installed sails in a defined pattern. The end effect provide a perfect visual impact of sails which appeared as to be floating in the wind, whilst hiding unsightly electrical junctions and cable runs above.

These are just two of our recent “TRICKY” sail installations which we regularly proivde to refurbishment contractors’ interior designers and clients.


Internal Sails proivde an ideal design solution to Interior Designers and Office Refurbishment companies, for many reasons. They are great for bring office design spaces together and for hiding the unsightly.  They are a cost effect solution for zoning areas off and for providing anti-glare protection. They just makes spaces more usable!

Shade Sail Blinds by Airsculpt, has the expertise, design insight, installation knowledge and capabilities to achieve the most difficult and challenging of projects.

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