Increase of acoustic dampening sails

Increase of acoustic dampening sails

Acoustic sails can absorb and neutralize sound with efficiency and also create abundant design possibilities with the shape, surface structure and colour, designed specially to reduce uncomfortable noises in large open areas.

The ceiling surface needs to be provided with acoustic sails to achieve effective sound absorption. Large glass surfaces and large buildings structures reflect the sound and cause disruptive effects. Acoustic sail is the perfect solution for this situation.

acoustic- shade

Problematic acoustics often arise because of the demand for clean lines and low maintenance spaces. These surface spaces, found in schools, airports, shopping’s, office buildings etc., are often not acoustically absorbent. Sound reflects and reverberates around internally, increasing sound levels and decreasing the acoustic comfort of the space                         

In a large space, the difference between a space with acoustic shade sail and another space without shade sail acoustic are completely visible, acoustic sail enhanced the room and the result is a truly stunning ceiling installations these can act as both a light diffuser and an acoustic dampening field.

acoustic - shade40

Nowadays the market of shade sail acoustics has grown due the advantages and benefits  it offers not just in terms of acoustic solution but in the appearance, bringing more stylish and functional shading to the ambient, but also providing better environment and interior design enhancements.

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