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How to shade a Loggia Conservatory

How to shade a Loggia Conservatory - First of all what is a Loggia conservatory? New Classical Styling Found With The Loggia Conservatory A Loggia conservatory is recent design style which has been added to the already existing variety of conservatories on offer. Conservatories such as the Georgian, the Victorian, the Lean To, or the Gable conservatory etc. The Loggia gets its name from the Roman and Creek architectural open walkaways that were constructed to provide enclosed outdoor spaces. Supported by striking and large columns a Loggia was an impressive piece of architecture, built to provide a statement of standing. Not to be confused with the Portico which allows [...]

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Do shade sails reduce heat in my conservatory?

Do shade sails reduce heat in my conservatory?? - We are constantly asked if our indoor shade sails reduce heat in conservatories. We are also asked if they offer better protection against heat build-up than the heat reflective systems on offer such as Thermal Energy glass roofing from Pilkinton or the numerous after-market solar films. The simple answer is YES and considerably. Indoor shade sails can be used to reduce heat . At we have installed hundreds of shade sail blind systems in conservatories, orangeries, hotel atriums and entrance lobbies across the UK and abroad. We have installed our shade sails under glass with and without the heat [...]

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