How to shade a Loggia Conservatory – First of all what is a Loggia conservatory?

New Classical Styling Found With The Loggia Conservatory
New Classical Styling Found With The Loggia Conservatory

A Loggia conservatory is recent design style which has been added to the already existing variety of conservatories on offer. Conservatories such as the Georgian, the Victorian, the Lean To, or the Gable conservatory etc. The Loggia gets its name from the Roman and Creek architectural open walkaways that were constructed to provide enclosed outdoor spaces. Supported by striking and large columns a Loggia was an impressive piece of architecture, built to provide a statement of standing. Not to be confused with the Portico which allows access from the exterior to the interior of a building, the Loggia was accessed only from inside making it a place for leisure. Thus, they are mostly found on notable historical and noble residences.

The modern reincarnation of a Loggia into a conservatory takes several design features from the Romans and Greeks. As you will see a Loggia designed conservatory has larger, thicker corner points and central wall panels made to represent the striking Roman and Greek columns of history. They also tend to have floor to ceiling glazed panels, without any dwarf walls. Also to represent the Roman and Greek columned based architecture, they have ornate cornices and sometimes fluted panelling . Such designs make the conservatory room feel even more at one with the outdoor space than traditional conservatory styles, whilst still maintaining a feeling of a substantial building that blends seamlessly into the house. We for one believe they are the perfect additional to conservatory design range which has been sadly missing for so many years. They look solid, they look impressive and they look stylish.

Construction – The Loggia is built in a similar fashion to most other conservatories. It has a fully glazed roof with an apex beam. It is mainly constructed from modern UPVC’s and comes in a range of colour options. With the removal of the dwarf walls in its design it requires a less intensive installation process, yet the Loggia conservatory still looks more substantial than most other styles of conservatories.

Shading A Loggia Conservatory – Due to the classical and modern appearance of a Loggia conservatory, common forms of shading and blinds such as consortia / pleated, Venetian or Vertical Blinds tend to stick out like a sore thumb. They sort of clash with the structures classical modern architecture and somehow disrupt its elegance. In other words they cheapen what is a highly stylised and contemporary conservatory.

At we have been working with several interior designers to shade Loggia conservatories and believe the perfect blend of interior shade sail blinds or our new shade sail drapes, mixed with refined Plantation Shutters work perfectly to compliment the Loggia design, whilst providing excellent shading and privacy.

With the Loggia conservatory rapidly being pushed to the forefront in design, we are expecting to see many people struggling to understand what will be the best option to add shade and privacy to their Loggia conservatory.

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