The restaurant game is a fierce and cut throat business, with bars and eateries desperately vying for the customer’s attention, trying to create that one dish, look and defining ambience that will entice the diner into their establishment. At Shade Sail Blinds we have created a product that will put your business’s name far above the rest.

During the four years that we have been trading, our interior design department has invested time in educating designers and budding restaurateurs in the benefits of these sails. Not only are the sails functionally beneficially – the sails can be made of acoustic fabric which absorbs a considerably significant amount of sound – but they also can be used to incredible stylistic effect.

Shade Sail Designers

Our Shade Sail designers have worked with numerous top London architects to devise breath taking restaurant installations, using leader wire installation to create the illusion that the sails are floating elegantly above the diner’s heads. These romantic and polished installations create a clever and dignified dining environment. In addition, using shade sails to cover bulbs and diffuse light can create an ambient setting as well as a contemporary lighting fixture. We have experience with incorporating LED’s into the shade sail designs to create a unique design feature and art installation.

Interior Shade Sail Design Department

Our design department boasts an interior designer who spent over five years heading up the design team of one of London’s top pub groups. During this time the change from shabby chic to slick eco-friendly architecture was notable and shade sails are the perfect tool to accompany this new direction in both interior and exterior design. Combined with a top concept designer with six years’ experience of bringing visions to life, Shade Sails are unquestionably the ideal cost effective solution to keeping up with this new trend.

The dynamic shape and fluidity of the sails reflect the modernist nature of the new design movement. With a generation focused living and eating clean, it was obvious that clean lines and a simplistic design ethos should follow.

Exterior Shade Sails

The exterior use of Shade Sails also combines style with function, and their elegant shape can be seen hovering above many hotel, bar, cafe and pub gardens throughout England. Their unmistakable design adding further usable space by protecting the customers against the elements.

Install Service and bespoke design service

Because the designs are bespoke, the sails are able to be tailored to any project, no matter how grand or modest. We also boast a rapid turnaround time and install service, so urgent and challenging installs are a task Shade Sail Blinds will zealously take on.

To create an inspiration design, or to discuss and evolve an idea to fruition, please contact James directly at, or Philly on We welcome the opportunity to be a part of your discussion and look forward to hearing from you.