Shade sails can transform your indoor and outdoor environment by enhancing the existing décor. As a matter of fact, they are highly rated by designers because of the benefits that they bring along. Irrespective of how dull or uninteresting your environment is, putting up shade sails can change that simple outdoor setting into an eye-catching and dynamic area. They have a simple but stylish appearance that complements a variety of architectural approaches. The benefits of shade sails both in residential and commercial establishments are many and varied.

Indoor and outdoor sails filter harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. This in turn prevents the rays from damaging your skin layers which in most cases causes sunburns and skin cancer. The sails achieve this through their carefully selected materials that have excellent fabric strength to stop the penetrative capacity of the rays. Some of these materials include Monotec 370 series, Coolaroo Commercial 95, Sunbrella and Comtex.

Shade sails also reduce solar gain thereby lowering inside air conditioning expenses. Also known as solar heat gain, solar gain refers to an increase in temperature in a structure or space due to solar radiation. With the increase in sunlight strength, solar gain also increases. Shade sails are very crucial because they intervene and resist solar radiation. Many of the materials used by professional companies in constructing outdoor sails have a g-value that tends towards 0%. This means little or negligible solar radiation transmittance.

Patios, car parks or pool shades covered by shade sails have an inviting environment that captures attention. When these sails are used in retail and commercial areas, they create an experience that increases traffic hence sales.

The benefits of shade sails are not only experienced by people but also furniture, plants and any other equipment placed under these sails. Furniture does not peel or fade while garden plants remain healthy and vibrant because of the protective function courtesy of these sails.

Outdoor Shade Sails

For outdoor applications, shade sails are normally designed to withstand the elements. Their water repellent and heat resistant capabilities make them a perfect match for garden usage as well as patios and pools. When choosing outdoor shade sails, you should consider the aesthetic aspect because every home or commercial setup has overriding theme into which the sails need to blend. The aesthetics include colour, shape and even the decorations done on the sail fabric.

Sails Canopies – These types of outdoor shade sails are designed to include style and form in their function. The material used is flexible and hooked on several anchor points. Sails canopies are excellent for outdoor because they have UV inhibitors incorporated into their fabrics. If you

want a more permanent sails canopy, you should use stainless steel turnbuckles to fix the sails because they allow more tension, else you can use the pulley system.  Waterproof Canopies – These are also outdoor sails that withstand heavy wear and tear occasioned by rainfall. The fabric used in making these canopies is not only water resistant but also waterproof and water repellent. Water resistant fabrics are great for outdoor space in light rain climates while water repellent fabrics are excellent for climates that experience a lot of precipitation. Waterproof shade sails on the other hand are a viable option in areas that experience constant rainfall for an entire season.

Bespoke Designed Sails

Depending on the area upon which you want to install your shade sails, you will certainly have various preferences as to the material, design, shape, colour and size. Whether you want to shade the outdoor area or conservatory, having bespoke designed sails can give you exactly what you are looking for. This is because these sails are designed based on your actual requirements and needs.

Customized sails take care of both the aesthetic as well as the operational functionalities. Professional designers understand and visualize the ultimate product before the process begins. Bespoke designed sails are manufactured using computer-aided design technology (CAD) which ensures accuracy and minimal deviations from the intended product. There are commercial grade custom made shade sails which offer project-specific and efficient shade coverage.

There are lots of dynamics that you need to factor in when shopping for expert shade sails designers. Their experience, knowledge and familiarity with the latest technologies will enable you to not only transform your premises but also maximize on the benefits of shade sails.