Sun sails also known as shade sails provide an economical and an extremely simple way to shade your commercial and residential outdoor areas. Their designing gives your space a unique and stylish concept while at the same time protecting you from harmful UV radiation and extreme sunlight. The reason why sun sail canopies for residential and commercial properties are common is their relative lower cost with great looking designs and amazing shapes.

Sun sail canopies are made of flexible material fixed between anchor points. The canopy fabrics incorporate UV inhibitors which lessen their degradation rate when exposed to sunshine. A pulley system or a stainless steel turnbuckle is used for fixing and tensioning the canopy. Turnbuckles are useful for permanently fixed sails while the pulley system is used for temporal installations. Commercial canopies are mostly used for business functions such as meetings, exhibitions, tradeshows, as well as for artistic decorations.

Garden Canopies

Families that want to enjoy summer parties, backyard picnics, long lazy lunches and intimate evening dinners without having to endure extreme sunlight exposure and summer heat, garden canopies can be an excellent choice. They create the ambiance and alluring comfort that characterises garden parties. In case of summer showers, the canopies are structured to give you and your family shelter. You also have the option of adding lighting and heating to your garden canopies so that you can enjoy the space in the evenings particularly during cooler months. These canopies can easily transform your home into an attractive and more saleable property.

Hotel and Pubs

If you are operating pubs, bars, hotels or restaurants investing in hotel and pubs canopies can give you an edge over your competition. Most customers love an environment where they can freely move between the inside and the outside without any restrictions. Hotels and restaurants offering special evening dinners can maximize on the benefits of these canopies to offer their customers an enjoyable and an unforgettable experience that will turn them into repetitive buyers.

Irrespective of your budget, you can get bespoke hotel and pubs canopy solutions to suit your preferences. To get the best deals, you should browse past projects of your intended supplier or manufacturer and enquire whether they give optional extras such as heating equipment, mood lighting and outdoor furniture to customise your offering. Sun sail canopies for residential and commercial properties enable you to utilise unused external space which means your joint will accommodate more customers leading to an increased turnover.

Swimming Pool Canopies

The moment you think of a swimming pool, it is natural to picture sunshine, sun loungers as well as other related aspects. Keeping your family outdoors during summer months and enjoying the pool is what many homeowners look forward to. With swimming pool canopies, these aspirations can come true. These canopies are specially designed to offer you and your family protection from UV exposure and give you shade during the hot midday sun. Sunburns which are commonly associated with skin cancer can be a real scare where there is no sufficient pool shade.

If you are looking for ambiance and style, swimming pool canopies can be an exceptional aesthetic addition. With their unique angles, these canopies can give your pool a modern and edgy look.

Entrance Canopies

The picture you paint and the atmosphere you create at the entrance to your home or office can make all the difference or both guests and residents. Entrance canopies are versatile and can be used in hotels, restaurants, offices or even residential spaces. They can be designed to cover the main entrance, the walkway as well as the drive. While shopping for canopies to fit at your entrance, look for those that express your personality, build your presence and offers protection to your patrons while ushering them in with style.

Entrance canopies can include graphics for maximum presentation. The choice of fabric décor should be in line with the type of property or space where the canopy is to be installed.

Canopies can therefore be transformative, add value to whatever space they are installed. Looking at the cost benefit analysis of investing in sun sail canopies for residential and commercial properties, it makes sense to have one. Always look at the track record of the particular manufacturer you are sourcing your canopies from especially the customer feedback. It will give you a pointer on the reliability, utility and general value of the canopies you are about to invest in.