Patented Easy installation Conservatory sail fixings

Announcing our No Drill domestic and commercial sail canopies and screens.

Installing No-drill Shadesailblinds screens or canopies in your home is the perfect solution to create privacy, contemporary style and a sense of seclusion with ease without inhibiting light.

Whether it’s in your conservatory or your office, you can easily install our standard or bespoke shades without the need for drilling.

Easy Installation

Internally, you don’t need to worry about damaging the frame of your conservatory structure or potentially drilling through the glass or polycarbonate. We’ve designed and patented our internal Nodrill fixings to make the DIY installation completely hassle-free.

Due to the patent on our unique and innovative Nodrill fixing, you can be assured that no other manufacturer is able to offer the same solution. We have carried out rigorous testing to ensure that our Nodrill fixings perform not only in high temperatures but also in terms of stress related load bearing capabilities making them extremely durable inside and out and capable of withstanding all weathers whatever the season.

All of our sails are 100% machine washable too so your shade sails stay looking good for years to come. Our high grade fabrics are long lasting and don’t perish in the glare of sunlight.

Protecting children and the elderly from the extreme and direct harmful UV rays of the sun is now regarded as very important to their health and wellbeing.  Our shade sail blinds are an ideal way of doing that and you don’t have to be an expert in DIY to fit them.  Our Nodrill fixings are the most amazing innovation to do just this. All shade sails we deliver will be numbered for easy identification, and come complete with bullet fixings. These include a screw, a threaded collar, the bullet fixing and a wire hook or leader wire. Non-Drill adhesive fixings include cleaning wipes and replacement adhesive strips. Tie-bar fixings include a carabineer clip for attaching sails and washing instructions.

Creating beautiful designer spaces in your home in a choice of over 30 colours with Nodrill sailblinds screens and canopies is a lifestyle enhancing choice. Choose yours today. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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