Evolution of the Conservatory Industry

The conservatory and Garden Room shade blind industry have started to initiate significant change within the conservatory sector, as customers demand more from the space.  These changes “mentioned below” have forced an Evolution of the Conservatory Industry sector itself. As such, conservatory Companies are having to implement a completely different construction design and marketing approach to maintaining growth in the market.

For a while, the demand for conservatories was far greater than industry expectations.  The marketplace ‘boomed’ as conservatories became common alternatives to traditional extensions due to reduced costs and the promise of an ‘outdoor indoor’ living space.

Unfortunately, conservatories have a few disadvantages, including the temperature extremes that are experienced in the height of summer and depth of winter being the most difficult to live with on daily basis.  In essence, traditional glazed conservatories are too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter to use as an everyday room. This has, once again, driven change within the conservatory industry as these temperature extremes have encouraged conservatory owners to seek out and find solutions which enable them to use the space all year round.


What’s happened to the conservatory dream?

Traditionally conservatories were built with thin wall polycarbonate sheeting or single glazed glass panels.  Theses allowed sunlight in while keeping construction costs down, whilst also providing relatively decent thermal properties.

The main aim of most conservatories was to increase the internal living space with an environment to aid relaxation.  Due to the low-quality polycarbonate and glazing materials being used for the roof of conservatories heat would be trapped within the conservatory space on hot days creating an uncomfortable environment to spend time in.  In winter, with lower temperatures, they offer little thermal insulation letting heat escape at a high rate, creating very cold internal environments that need excessive heating solutions.  To try and combat these issues the industry brought out improved “thicker” polycarbonate sheeting and double glazed panels. A focus was then put on the glazing panels by the sales and marketing, stating and demonstrating the increased light and outdoor appeal; also because the glazed roof approach increased profits. The problem is glazing allows too much UV radiation in and increases the heat build up. Also, it isn’t good at keeping heat in during the winter months.

A such, homeowners that invested in conservatories are now looking for cost-effective ways of reclaiming conservatory areas for all year round use.


Is it possible to have a pleasant, usable conservatory all year round?

The simple answer is Yes!  It is possible but is incredibly expensive. Garden Rooms are now becoming more popular that tradition glazed conservatories and a new market have sprung up offering Conservatory to Garden Room Makeovers. Problem is that to remove a glazed or polycarbonate roof and then replace it with a more traditional roofing solution isn’t cheap.  Many conservatory owners are simply not willing to spend another £15,000+ on top of the £20,000+ they initially spent on the conservatory structure.  However, the benefit is that a stable temperature and living environment can be created and the living space will feel more like a traditional internal room it they do.  Additionally, this is also at a cost of losing the light and airy feel the conservatory originally offered.

The alternative, cost-effective, solution is our bespoke Shade Sail Blinds.  Our Shade Sails are constructed from a UV-protected stretch fabric which does not block natural daylight unlike other forms of blinds that act as ‘blackout screens.’  This makes our Shade Sail Blinds ideal for providing soft shading or privacy screen solutions without destroying the light and airy ‘outside inside’ feel.

Additionally, Shade Sails offer extra insulation solutions thus help control heat build up in the summer months and heat loss during the winter months, whilst at the same time create that ‘wow’ factor feature.


Conservatory roof replacement




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CONSERVATORY ROOF INSULATION will make your conservatory feel like a proper room with a consistent temperature throughout the year.  The conservatory roof will look the same from the outside but with super-efficient insulation fitted and a newly plastered ceiling inside.


SHADE SAILS BLINDS can help you to reclaim your conservatory offering great benefits in all aspects.  Made in Britain to the highest specifications, the fabrics have superior quality and Shade Sail Blinds are 100% machine washable.  Using 95% recycled plastic bottles our fabric is one of the most environmentally responsible materials available today.

Clients can create their own designs in the color of their choice.  They are able to mix and match colors and shapes to enhance their existing décor and create contemporary designer features.

In addition, our Shade Sails are simple to fit offering our clients the option to save on installation costs.  We also offer a ‘no-drill’ fixing option – perfect for ensuring the conservatory warranty is preserved – or you can opt for stylish chrome fittings if you prefer.

Shade Sails are becoming one of the most eagerly adopted ways of filtering harsh sunlight while also introducing a new aesthetic to conservatories, atriums, outdoor cafes, retail outlets and offices, reducing the harmful UVB/UVA rays.


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