Manual and Electric Outdoor Roller Sails by Soliday

Shade Sail Blinds is pleased to announce that we are now proud dealers of “Soliday.” And we are happy to report that we are now supplying retractable sails and sun sails from “Soliday”.

Winning a lead through innovation

SOLIDAY, a leading manufacturer of sun sails, has always placed a high priority on design, practicality, comfort, and material quality.  Due to its extensive knowledge and ongoing research and development, SOLIDAY was able to create patents that revolutionized the solar sail market. SOLIDAY pioneered the addition of a height-adjustable feature to sun sail systems.

This allowed for the first time for the shade to be continuously adjusted to the position of the sun, something that is especially useful when the sun is low in the sky in the early evening. The SOLIDAY pylon system is another innovative creation. The sun sails’ adaptability is due to the traction technology, which is made possible by the pylons. Hence, SOLIDAY sun sails are undamaged by winds that are significantly stronger than the maximum allowed speed of 40 kilometers per hour.

Manually Rollable Sun Sail- SOLIDAY-A

The SOLIDAY-A is the basic, manually rollable shade sail offered by SOLIDAY. Its airy and lightweight construction, as well as the wide variety of sail shapes and sizes it can accommodate, are impressive. The sail mechanism is simple to operate, allowing for rapid roll-up or expansion, as well as precise positioning and sizing. The elegance of the diagonal wave’s shape and its length of up to 8 meters are striking. The solar sail may be manually raised and lowered using the specialized SOLIDAY shaft. This allows for a continuous range of shadow adjustments, from zero to fifty-five square meters.

The height is individually adjustable throughout a range of 1.5 m, and it is mounted on a slide rail made of aluminum. Particularly so in the late afternoon, when the sun is sinking lower in the sky. SOLIDAY-A, like all SOLIDAY systems, is customized for each location. The height-adjustment and cable-brake features on the SOLIDAY-A are extras that can be purchased separately from the standard auto-release safety package. SOLIDAY has the ideal sun sail cloth in a rainbow of colors and resistance to wind and weather conditions with the materials Austronet 940, Austrosail Pes, and Austrosail Nano.

Manually Rollable Sun Sail- SOLIDAY-M

The sun sail is manually adjustable with the help of the SOLIDAY shaft. This enables a continuous shading range of 65 square meters, from complete darkness to partial sunlight. The height may be adjusted independently over a range of 1.5 m thanks to an aluminum slide rail. Its significance increases in the late afternoon, when the sun is at its lowest. The bracing set allows for the creation of any type of sun sail, which can then be rolled up for storage. It means you may customize each sun sail to fit the unique design of your structure. The textiles are long-lasting and simple to maintain; they block out the sun’s brightness and keep your personal space private. The professionals at SOLIDAY sun sails create custom itineraries for each customer. They can create a virtual representation of your ideal awning using specialized software. The sun sail has a spinning roller that allows it to be rolled up or down. The circulating roller is composed of premium metal and has a sleek, modern design.

Semi-automatic roll-up sun sail- SOLIDAY-X

When it comes to semi-automatic sun sails, SOLIDAY-X is the next generation. The sun sail’s unique SOLIDAY shaft makes it possible to manually extend it with a single rope and have it automatically retract when the rope is loosened. SOLIDAY’s well-designed snap system makes it easy and comfortable to operate the semi-automatic roll-up sun sail system SOLIDAY-X, and the system’s simple idea allows for quick tensioning and disassembly. The fall arrest clamp, snap winch BASIC, 20 cm crank, and adapter plate make up the snap system, which is part of the standard issue gear. The ability to roll up sun sails is made possible by the bracing set. This allows you to customize each sun sail to perfectly fit your building’s design.

Using the radial cut shape, the fabric strips are placed in a fan shape and sewn together with an ultrasonic weld seam, making the structure completely waterproof. The side seams are straight and strengthened with webbing. Sail corners are additionally reinforced and given a decorative seam. Soliday purposefully included the sporty allure of sailing into this style of production, evoking the feeling of a day out on the water.

Semi-Automatic Roll-Up Sun Sail With 1-Point Operation

The SOLIDAY-XS is an easy method to take advantage of the sun sail’s portability and the wave along the wall’s convenient placement. With its two new patents, SOLIDAY-XS ushers in a whole new universe of possibilities. The manual sun sail may be extended 6 meters away from the wall, covering an area of up to 35 square meters, thanks to the new 1-point operation of the X series, a self-rolling shaft. The second invention is a new kind of bracing, which allows the masts or connection points in front of the sail to be moved beyond the sail’s corners, clearing the way for forward visibility.

Fully Automatically Rollable Sun Sail- SOLIDAY-C

The SOLIDAY-C is totally automatic, giving you the greatest possible ease of use. In your absence, the sail system will automatically adjust to the wind and sun conditions and keep everyone on board safe. Each function can be easily executed with a remote controller. The SOLIDAY-C uses a patented novel method of dynamic sail suspension to allow for diagonal furling. The sun sail, which is constantly taut, acts as a shock absorber, protecting the boat from sudden loads like powerful gusts of wind or excessive rain. With proper preparation, the dynamic sail suspension of SOLIDAY-C makes it an excellent sun and rain protection system.

Fully Automatically Extending Sun Sail- SOLIDAY-CS

The SOLIDAY-CS provides superior coverage for wide areas and is operated by radio control, making it more convenient than traditional awnings. The awning-like SOLIDAY-CS is rolled up by a motorized horizontal shaft mounted to the building’s exterior. The sail may be automatically stretched to a maximum length of 7 meters thanks to a novel, patented system technology. The sail can be triangular with a single mast, square with two masts, and horizontal or angled with either configuration. This novel sail concept for sun and rain protection introduces entirely new design parameters, making for a spectacular architectural feature during the season’s cooler times.

SOLIDAY sun sails are uniquely designed, produced, and installed by themselves in accordance with your preferences. They are perfect for permanently providing shade on terraces, in private areas of gardens, or around homes and over doorways. The highest architectural criteria are met by SOLIDAY sun sails, which are also utilized for the expert shade of children’s play areas, event venues, and other large areas. In addition to custom sun sails, SOLIDAY also provides basic sun sails, which are more affordable. Concave side edges are used in the construction of these premium sun sails to guarantee ideal tension.

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