Sunshine, predominantly UVA and UVB rays, is damaging to our homes and offices. Direct and harsh sunshine raises indoor temperatures and in consequence causes fading of interior furnishings. Most of this solar heat enters a room through windows as they have the lowest insulating value of any component in a building. In most buildings, windows will hold solar heat during the summer and allow in cold breezes in the winter. Whereas installing the latest energy-efficient windows is an option, it is very costly and inflexible. On the other hand, indoor solar shades offer a relatively inexpensive and effective alternative, they prevent the harmful effects of solar heat while maintaining the open feeling of a building that windows provide. Shade Sail Blinds provide customs with plenty of choices of indoor shading products to choose from. We have products tailor made for residential and commercial use. Our shades have full energy control, yet retain a full view to the outside world.

Indoor shading systems are almost always adjustable or retractable, and are usually in the form of roller or Venetian blinds or curtains. They are also particularly effective at controlling diffuse and reflected light, the main causes of glare. Curtains and blinds regulate brightness while Venetians and louvres redirect the light. However, not all solar shades have the same characteristics. For example, if you place your hand on a white surface and a black surface the white surface will feel cooler. Therefore, there are other factors a potential customer needs to consider before settling on an indoor shading system.  White is the best for filtering out the sunlight and reducing solar heat. White solar shades have been shown to stop 30% more heat than black shades. Darker coloured solar shades provide sharper outward visibility, better heat retention and better glare reduction. Highly reflective color tones are also thermally efficient. If you going for a great look with outstanding design then look at Shade Sail Blinds, you will get incredible shade with an amazing look.