How much do conservatory sails cost – If you are looking for an alternative shading solution to that of traditional pleated blinds for your conservatories roof space, you may find that our Conservatory Sails offer a more cost effective and stylish solution than you think

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The most common question we always get asked at is how much do they cost? This is probably because we do not advertise a standard price on our website as every customers requirements are unique to them and them alone. Therefore it is difficult to provide a simple costing answer.  We do however provide all customers with a 95% accurate cost estimate based upon their conservatories style, size and roof space coverage required before proceeding to design stage. What we can say for certain is our indoor conservatory shade sails are less expensive than that of the more traditional and common pleated blinds which are rapidly decreasing in popularity. This is because we are the actual manufacturer and therefore no additional distributor costs are added on. Meaning our customers get the best prices and the reassurance that they are dealing with the actual company whom designs and produces the product. You may be surprised to know that a majority of blinds suppliers do not actually manufacture.

Benefits – Each day more and more people are turning to our Shade Sail Blinds to shade their conservatories. This is primarily due to their ability to provide functional and decorative shading solutions that meet modern day lifestyles. Benefits such as:

  • The fantastic heat control which conservatory shade sails offer.
  • The ability to remove and replace them when you want.
  • Ability to wash the shade sails in a domestic washing machine.
  • No trapped or dead insects hidden behind the blinds.
  • Fillers harsh sunlight without blocking the natural day light.
  • Cool designs that enhance the conservatory.
  • Cost effective and less expensive than traditional conservatory roof blinds.
Indoor shade sails can be used to reduce heat .
Indoor shade sails offer style and cost efficiency.

This however does not mean they are a cheap alternative product

What affects cost? – The simple answer is the conservatories design, size and number of sails needed. The layout and size of your conservatory has a big impact on cost. If your conservatory has numerous tie bars, intricate window and lighting designs it effects how we design your shading. It might mean we need more fabrics and fixing points than expected or more sails are needed to shade a certain area. Another cost implication is down to the design style you want. Some people want a functional shading solution with minimal design elements whilst others want a more stylised solution with overlapping sails and intricate spacing.  This can increase costs by almost 40% depending upon what you want. Either way at we have the capability to design and install whatever styling and designs our customer wants.

No Distributors agreements – As we have already mentioned above we do not have a distribution network selling our products. This however does not mean we do not sell our products to distributors. In fact numerous companies come to us on a regular basis to provide them with conservatory shade sails and Garden Sails as we provide the most cost effective and professional solutions around. This we believe speaks volumes as to our cost efficiency and professional standings within the conservatory shade sail market.

To find out more on how we can provide you with practical, cost effective and designer style shading solutions, call us now on 0844 811382 or email us @