The 21st century has brought along with it an array of design possibilities supported by architectural knowledge which makes it possible to come up with buildings of all styles and shapes. However, despite all these improvements, there is always something you can add to complement the architecture and increase the curb appeal of any building. Entrance canopies and awnings are some of these additions that can completely transform your outdoor and adjacent spaces to make them noticeable to your prospects or visitors.

There are a variety of canopies and awnings you can choose from seasonal stationary, retractable to permanent stationary. By adding a canopy at the entrance to your business or residential home, you can extend your living space as well as add safety and comfort to any outdoor activities that you may have. In addition, these canopies reduce home energy consumption, fading of interior furnishings and protect your family and patrons from the harmful UV rays.

Reception Sails

Your reception is the face of your business or home. Many visitors don’t go beyond the reception meaning investing in the right reception sails can dramatically change the perceptive of your guests and prospects towards your business and brand. You can have fixed or stationary fabric sails cover your reception area thereby giving your guests a relaxed atmosphere knowing that they are entertained and protected from the elements.

Reception sails come in hundreds of patterns giving you a wide range of choice in design possibilities. They add shape, color and dimension to complement the architecture of your ordinary home or business premises. You can choose from traditional concave, sloped style, dome, gable or waterfall.

Bespoke Designed

Business and home owners have a variety of taste and preferences when it comes to canopies and awnings. In order to meet these preferences, canopies are designed using different shade materials such as knitted Commercial 95 (Com95) for shade and UV protection as well as waterproof Ferrari 502 to protect the occupants against the elements.

Apart from the material, you can also pick your favourite colours from a pool of different colour options. Particularly if you have a theme that you want to develop, choosing complementary colours can boost the visual appeal of your premises. If you are looking for long life performance for your canopies, you have the option of reinforced stainless steel wire rope within the hem pocket or webbed hems.

The advantage of bespoke designed canopies is they give you the opportunity to pick the type of thread to use. While polyester thread fibre may be used in some canopies, it has the disadvantage of breaking down when exposed to UV sunlight, saltwater, cleaning agents and extreme weather conditions. Proprietary threads such as tenara can give you a lasting canopy.

How to Choose Your Canopy Supplier

An entrance canopy is an investment expected to serve you for a long time. This means before you spend your valuable finances, you need to vet your supplier to ensure you get a good deal. There are certain aspects you need to evaluate before choosing your supplier amongst them:

The Variety of Canopies and Awnings – It’s important to have a look at the collection of canopies the prospective company stocks. When assessing variety, look at the shapes, colours and materials available and see how well they complement your premises. In case they don’t have what you are looking for, see whether they can tailor make one based on your preferences.

You should also request to see existing installations the company has done for clients to have an idea of how your installation will be should you choose to buy from them.

Usefulness of Canopies Across Seasons – Entrance and reception canopies are not temporal make shifts, but rather permanent installations that will serve you throughout the year. What this means is the canopies must be useful across all the seasons of the year from spring to winter. The materials used should be able to withstand the elements as well as provide shade.

Guarantees Offered – The company must be clear on the performance guarantees of its canopies. This is important because these canopies are designed to last a long time and you can’t afford disappointments along the way. The design framework must be able to serve you for long (at least 20 years) before giving in to wind and snow loadings and the material should be able to withstand discolouration from UV rays.