Educational Ceiling Sails has again supplied bespoke stretched ceiling sails as part of a unique immersive learning space.

Our stretched white fabric sails have been used numerously to provide funky 3D formed shapes in ceilings and act as projection screen platforms for immersive learning. The curved 3D shapes fixed at multiple levels make for ideal light reflectors and canvases, bouncing images and light around the room.

Immersive Spaces are relatively new and are used as an interactive creative classroom which facilitates flexible and experiential approaches to education. They have seen a significant degree of championing by the educational industry after confirmed benefits have been documented; these include:

How immersive learning spaces benefit pupils

  • Pupils are able to influence, develop and take control of their own learning
  • Investigative techniques are encouraged, increasing creative thinking and questioning subject matters
  • Develop independent learners who collaborate together to expand their learning
  • Transport young people anywhere to get their minds truly immersed in the lesson
  • Raise attainment and develop experiential learning by putting pupils in an engaging environment

As part of the continuing development and creativity programme, and our parent company Airsculpt have been asked to develop more fabric and interactive solutions which can be used in immersive learning spaces.  Our cost effectiveness, coupled with our unique design and manufacturing capabilities have seen our educational market sector increase by over 300% this year alone; Making us the go to company for interior fabric solutions within education. and our parent company are working on several intuitive and unique fabric solutions which will hopefully be used to further enhance immersive learning spaces in 2014. As a group we are always looking to provide cost efficiency, style, quality and bespoke solutions tailored to our individual client’s needs – This is the same for us when it comes to educational establishments.