Commercial Shade Sail Blinds & Canopies

At Shade Sail Blinds we’ve been working with commercial shade sails & canopies for many years, providing tailored solutions to meet your commercial needs, regardless of the requirement.
Our Solutions include:
• Privacy
• Shading and Anti-glare
• Protection from the elements
• Acoustic treatment
• Aesthetic architectural interest
• Heat reduction



Commercial canopies and sails are both decorative and functional. The flexibility of hang and installing these sails in any which way you wish means they can be arranged in artistically, giving you the most modern and stylish f options.
Our team has extensive experience in the designing, engineering, fabrication and installation of bespoke commercial stretch sails, canopies which we do for a huge range of clients. Here’re some regular customers:
• Retail premises
• Commercial offices
• Local government
• Schools/Colleges
• Architects
• Shopping Centres
• Bars and Restaurants
• Swimming Pools
• Hotels

Our Process


Step 1:
The first step to getting shade sail blinds or Canopy is to gather information. This may include a site survey and reviewing all site plans and construction data available.
Step 2:
When we’re satisfied that we understand your business requirements and the intended use of the blinds we’ll begin the concept design process. This is an opportunity for you to see what they will look like, allowing you to tweak and agree on the ascetics before they’re manufactured.
Step 3:
Before any of our products are released they go through a compressive Quality Control check, ensuring they meet our exacting standards and comply with all our engineering requirements.
Step 4:
Once released from our quality control check the products are handed over to our in-house installation team whom will provide all necessary Health & Safety and works process documentation prior to arriving on site to complete the installation as per the agreed design.
Step 5:
The last step is very important to us and that is that we have a Happy Customer. Upon project completion, we will send out quick feedback request asking you to outline any areas which you feel could be improved and how you would rate our service. After all, we want you to recommend and use us again!

Shade Sails are unquestionably the ideal cost effective solution with the dynamic shape which can transform your indoor or outdoor environment by enhancing the existing décor. As a matter of fact, they are highly rated by designers because of the benefits that they bring. Installation of shade sails or canopies can change that simple outdoor setting into an eye-catching and dynamic area. They have a modern and stylish appearance that complements a variety of architectural approaches.
To create an inspiration design, or to discuss the project ideas, please contact us at

or call us on +44 (0)1249 848649

We welcome the opportunity to be a part of your discussion and look forward to hearing from you.