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2 04, 2014

Airsculpt and Shade Sail Blinds Expansion

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Airsculpt and Shade Sail Blinds Expansion - The Airsculpt Group is pleased to announce the recent appointment of Rosane Dias as Executive Assistant to work on both project management and customer service. Executive Assistant hits the ground running Working within  and our division- to help aid the organisation through current growth - Rosane will be in charge of streamlining business improvements processes and preparing the company for further expansions. Rosane brings with her a wealth of experience in customer service, production processing and administration, along with an impressive array of business degrees. As a Brazilian national, Rosane will also be an invaluable asset in assisting the Airsculpt [...]

31 03, 2014

Patented Easy installation Conservatory sail fixings

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Patented Easy installation Conservatory sail fixings Announcing our No Drill domestic and commercial sail canopies and screens. Installing No-drill Shadesailblinds screens or canopies in your home is the perfect solution to create privacy, contemporary style and a sense of seclusion with ease without inhibiting light. Whether it's in your conservatory or your office, you can easily install our standard or bespoke shades without the need for drilling. Internally, you don't need to worry about damaging the frame of your conservatory structure or potentially drilling through the glass or polycarbonate. We've designed and patented our internal Nodrill fixings to make the DIY installation completely hassle-free. Due to the patent on our [...]

18 03, 2014

How much do conservatory sails cost?

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How much do conservatory sails cost – If you are looking for an alternative shading solution to that of traditional pleated blinds for your conservatories roof space, you may find that our Conservatory Sails offer a more cost effective and stylish solution than you think . The most common question we always get asked at is how much do they cost? This is probably because we do not advertise a standard price on our website as every customers requirements are unique to them and them alone. Therefore it is difficult to provide a simple costing answer.  We do however provide all customers with a 95% accurate cost estimate based [...]

13 03, 2014

Conservatory Sail Testimonial – Mike Carpenter of Oxford

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Thank you for supplying me with bespoke shade sails for my conservatory. The installation using your adhesive not drill attachments made it even easier than you said it would be. Thanks to your tailored CAD design service the sails fitted my conservatory perfectly. I now understand why you offer your service the way you do. I cannot see how you could produce shade sail to fit so perfectly without using your CAD design expertise. The wife loves the look they provide and we have definitely noticed that heat does not enter as much as it did when the sun comes out.  Great product, great service and great advice! Much appreciated [...]

13 03, 2014

Conservatory Sail Testimonial – Suzanne Reed of Newbury

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I am writing to tell you how delighted I am with our conservatory sails your company provided. Your installation guys were both courteous and professional. In fact our conservatory hasn't looked this clean since it was built. We were not expecting them to clean the inside but were definitely pleasantly surprised. Apparently they said it ensured the no drill fixings adhered to the PVC better and ensured they did not make any marks on the sails as they were installing. Either way I would gladly hire them just to clean the conservatory based upon the job they did prior to installing my lovely conservatory sails. I have found your company [...]

13 03, 2014

Cheap shade sails offer poor value for money

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Everyone wants a bargain. Everyone wants to pay as little as they can or feel they have bought something for less than it actual should cost……………After all we’re only human. But are you really getting value for money? If you are looking for a garden shade sail and only want to use it for a couple of weeks during summer holidays and then throw it away, then a cheap shade sail can be worth it. However, if you are looking to buy a shade sail for your pub, café, restaurant, hotel, school play ground or commercial premises then a cheap shade sail will offer you zero value for money. Most [...]

4 03, 2014

Useful Guidance on Shade Sails

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Useful Guidance on Shade Sails. At we regularly advise customers on how and when shade sails can be used and when they should not. In many instances customers are unaware of the possibilities, versatility as well as certain restrictions which shade sails present. We have therefore put together this brief guidance document to help customers make the right decision when it comes to the use of indoor and outdoor shade sails. The idea of laying underneath a stylish and elegant shade sail as warm sunlight gently filters through the sails fabric is one of the most relaxing and uplifting experiences you can image. For many people shade sails are [...]

3 03, 2014

Do shade sails reduce heat in my conservatory?

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Do shade sails reduce heat in my conservatory?? - We are constantly asked if our indoor shade sails reduce heat in conservatories. We are also asked if they offer better protection against heat build-up than the heat reflective systems on offer such as Thermal Energy glass roofing from Pilkinton or the numerous after-market solar films. The simple answer is YES and considerably. Indoor shade sails can be used to reduce heat . At we have installed hundreds of shade sail blind systems in conservatories, orangeries, hotel atriums and entrance lobbies across the UK and abroad. We have installed our shade sails under glass with and without the heat [...]

24 02, 2014

Preferred shade Sail and Ceiling Sails Supplier to Gloucester Council

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Shade Sail Blinds is pleased to announce that we are now officially a preferred supplier to Gloucester City Council for the prevision of Shade sails and indoor Ceiling Sails. Gloucester council contacted us several months back to discuss a prestigious project attributed to the refurbishment of the stunning fourteenth century Blackfriars in the centre of Gloucester. The council’s architects were keen to create a cost effective and multifunctional Café space which allowed them to utilise the room for multiple events when the Café was not in use. The cleaver use of modularised counter tops and hideaway electrical sockets enables an almost seamless transformation from Café to empty room in a [...]

4 01, 2014

Difference between a Garden Room, Orangery & a Conservatory

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The difference between a Garden Room, Orangery & a Conservatory. There is certainly a wide choice when it comes to adding addition indoor space to your property. And as fashion changes many are understandably confused when it comes to understanding what the differences are between a Garden Room, an Orangery and a Conservatory. To the untrained eye there may not seem to be much difference between the three, but this is far from the case. For those interested in the true differentiation between conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms, the distinction lies in the history of the structures. Orangeries History Orangeries gained popularity in 17th century Europe, were used to provide [...]