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24 06, 2014

Benefits of CAD designed conservatory sails

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Benefits of CAD designed conservatory sails - When you decide to shade your conservatory with shade sail or conservatory sails you can't just imagine how important is the design process. Everyone's conservatory, orangery, garden room and roof lantern is unique in openings, layout, dimensions and potential installation obstructions - your conservatories are almost as unique as you are. So you need to make sure the sails fit exactly to your conservatories space. This is why we only produce bespoke CAD Designed shade sail blinds which grantees perfect fit every time.  Our design team is headed by James, SAIL DESIGNER who has years of experience in conservatory shade sail design. This experience and [...]

11 06, 2014

Commercial Indoor Shade Sail

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Commercial indoor Shade sail are rapidly becoming an increasingly popular solution for adding shade and design to Commercial space's such as Shopping Centre, Office Blocks, Hotel Receptions, Child Care Centre, Restaurants and even Factories. We've been designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing commercial  internal shade sail solutions for years and have been promoting then to Architect and Designers for much longer; in fact you could say we made them trendy! We are experts in functional and stylish interior shading options, tailoring all our indoor sail projects specifically towards the individual clients needs. Transforming Commercial spaces into a welcoming, relaxing and stylish place in which visitors want to spend time. Indoor shade sails [...]

28 05, 2014

Tips on buying domestic Shade Sails

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Tips on buying domestic Shade Sails Shade sails are such an amazing and practical element of architecture. They have a varying range of applications and not only practicality, they’re also stylish whilst requiring minimal maintenance. Shade sails are typically used to add flexible shade or weather protection to an area and where a permanent structure isn't a viable solution. If you’re considering addingshade sails to your home there are quite a few factors to take into consideration. If you’re about to buy a shade sail, you should know that their quality, fabrication methodology and attributes are. Here are few essential tips to consider when purchasing shade sails: •Waterproof or water resistant:Ensure [...]

21 05, 2014

How to design a sail canopy

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How to design a sail canopy                                                                                   Shade Sail Blinds is always looking to provide our clients with the best in terms of quality, practicality, style and modern design....In other words the right solution to meet the clients needs. We offer an almost unlimited degree of versatility in our bespoke design options, be it colours, style, material choice or solution. We also have a great team of architects, engineers and [...]

14 05, 2014

High End Italian Design Shading Structures

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High End Italian Design Shading Structures Airsculpt and Shade sail Blinds are pleased to announce that we have recently enter into an exclusive distribution agreement with high end Italian shading structure supplier. This is to further increase our outdoor designer - commercial and domestic - all weather living space options. As our customers know, Shade Sail Blinds work with exciting alternatives to traditional shading and fabric architecture including internal atrium / conservatory shading, professional all-weather canopies to create truly useful and stylish living spaces.  With our new Italian partnership Company in place, we are able to -offer our customers premium exterior designer style without impacting  on the superior quality which [...]

6 05, 2014

Alfresco living with shade sail canopies

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Alfresco living with shade sail canopies Alfresco living or Outdoor living rooms are becoming more and more popular these days. This is because we all want to maximise the feeling of freedom and social aspects of outdoor living. As such the alfresco style of living has a positive influence on our lives whilst reinforcing the fun element as we spend time cooking and socialising. Some might say it brings us closer to nature.                                  No matter how unpredictable the British weather may be you can always use your outdoor space.  By starting to think of your [...]

23 04, 2014

Decorate your conservatory with style and shade sails

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Decorate your conservatory with style and shade sails - As we decorate our home, it makes sense to do the same with our conservatory, orangery and garden room spaces, considering that nowadays we spend more time in our gardens and conservatories. The right kind of furniture and styling will make it a restful retreat where you can relax or entertain, whatever the weather may bring - be sunshine or torrential downpours. There are a huge variety of conservatory furniture options available today. Whatever the kind of furniture style you are looking for you won’t be disappointed, you are sure to find one that suits you and your interior design.  One of [...]

11 04, 2014

How to shade a Loggia Conservatory

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How to shade a Loggia Conservatory - First of all what is a Loggia conservatory? New Classical Styling Found With The Loggia Conservatory A Loggia conservatory is recent design style which has been added to the already existing variety of conservatories on offer. Conservatories such as the Georgian, the Victorian, the Lean To, or the Gable conservatory etc. The Loggia gets its name from the Roman and Creek architectural open walkaways that were constructed to provide enclosed outdoor spaces. Supported by striking and large columns a Loggia was an impressive piece of architecture, built to provide a statement of standing. Not to be confused with the Portico which allows [...]

9 04, 2014

Acoustic ceiling Sails installed for Gloucester Council

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Acoustic ceiling Sails installed for Gloucester Council - Shade sail blinds are pleased to announce another successful installation for Gloucester Council. Gloucester Council is carrying out an extensive upgrade to the national heritage Blackfriers buildings in Gloucester town centre. As part of this upgrade, the council planned to create a multifunctional space that could be used as a café during working hours and as an event function room after hours, or additional space for local event services. However, due to the room’s size and existing design /construction methods, the room was both uninspiring and offered little in the way of acoustic treatment. In essence it was unwelcoming, uninspiring space which [...]

3 04, 2014

Conservatory Sails Testimonial – Mr Alan Yates of Worcester

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Conservatory Sails Testimonial - Mr Alan Yates of Worcester - Dear Shade Sail Blinds, I thought you would like to know how the fixing of my blinds went at the weekend. I am very pleased with the result as you will see from the attached images. Easy self Installation confirmed Thank you to you and your team for the wonderful product, and for the professional way your company has dealt with my order throughout. Your helpful tips and speedy response has made it a truely pleasurable experience to purchase from you. Thank you once again for your assistance and the professional way you and all your staff have dealt [...]