We’ve noticed a definite shift in public attention from conventional blinds and shades in conservatories to bespoke sun shade sail canopy and blinds. Through this increased interest, we’ve invested into building a product that would satisfy our customer’s needs extensively, whilst still providing the affordability, environmentally friendly and quality that our customers have learned to expect from our line of products. We’ve come to understand just why sail canopies and sail blinds have become so popular in recent years, and the changes that were necessary, to ensure that we maximise their effectiveness and durability. Benefits of sail canopies

Easily washable.

Perhaps one of the best features of sail canopies for conservatories is just how easily they can be washed. There is no need to pay extravagant amounts for someone to clean them specially, you can simply wash them using your everyday washing machine. In the interest of preserving the quality of the fabrics used, it is important to ensure that you do set your washer to the right settings. Ultimately, our sun shade sail canopy and sail blinds for conservatories are made with the intention of providing the easiest solution in terms of cleaning and maintenance. What’s more, as the materials used in the sail canopies are inherently fire resistant, regardless of how many washes you put them through, they will continue to be fully resilient to both fire and heat.

Environmentally sound.

Whilst in the process of creating our product, we considered the importance of making our sun shade sail canopy as environmentally sound as possible. We believe that we’ve achieved this through not only using maximising the use of all the materials we use, but also through making 95% of our sail canopies out of recycled bottles. There is a common misconception that recycled products lack quality, although in our case, we have found that we have been able to supply our customers with a very high quality product, whilst still managing to be environmentally friendly.

UV protection.

It is a well-known fact that UVB and UVA rays have the potential to cause serious damage to our skin and are present at all times throughout the year, regardless of whether the sun is beaming down or not. Our bespoke sun shade sail canopy provides optimal protection from these rays, and prevents excess heat from entering the room, so that you can enjoy your space throughout the year. It is often the case that shades in conservatories provide little to nothing in terms of UV and heat protection, but our shades have been specially constructed and tested to ensure that they provide maximum shelter.

Uniform stretchiness.

No loose hangings or droopiness here! Our shades are made with uniform stretchiness and even stretched and manipulated over long periods of time will be resistant from becoming “over-stretched” or begin loosing shape.

Simple fit.

If you’re concerned that you may void your conservatory warranty through installing our product then be rest assured, that not only are our sails incredibly easy to setup, but also require no screws, drills or anything else that could potentially damage your walls or conservatory in general. We spent a lot of time outlining all of the potential areas that could potentially cause customer dissatisfaction, and addressed them as we felt was appropriate.

Outdoor shade fabrics

Our shades are not exclusive to the indoors. Our range has also proven effective for outdoor protection and are made to be as durable against the elements as possible. Again, our outdoor shade fabrics are resilient to both heat and light exposure, are permanently resistant to water and of course, have the combination of style and functionality, which makes our products so popular.

We are proud to have been the first company in Europe to advance and bring the permanent water resilient ‘multi-directional stretch’ fabric’ Elastospan’ into the market. We’ve used this ground-breaking composite elastic polyester fabric to create outstanding shade sail canopy that captivate the spectacular designs and unmatched quality present with all our products. We placed emphasis on the need to cater for both the extremely hot days and the torrential rain. As with our indoor shelter, the installation process for our outdoor range of bespoke sun shade sail canopy is simple, but we have an installation service available, should you require our help in doing so.

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