Conservatory Sail Blinds

Shade Sail Blinds allow you to transform the shape of your conservatory or garden room with stunning designs that give even the smallest space a more organic feel, softening corners and lines with gentle curves and filtered light. As more and more homeowners look for an alternative to the traditional flat look of slats and roller blinds, our conservatory shades are made to your individual requirements and can be fitted quickly and easily.

Conservatory sail blinds can be used in almost any situation, but the open space at the top of your conservatory can be used to great effect, both practically and aesthetically. Our conservatory shades not only transform the look and feel of your conservatory but can also be used to reduce and reflect heat. Our shades have the appearance of sculptured sails and can be overlapped or stacked to create intricate patterns and multiple levels – even utilising different colour shades for a stunning result.


Our Gallery has some great examples of both domestic and commercial installations, and the possibilities for design are limited only by your available space and imagination.

Inappropriate fabrics, fixings or designs not only reduce your products lifespan but can cause property damage, or worse.


Cleaning the blinds

Once hung, conservatory sail blinds ‘unlike conservatory pleated blinds’ are remarkably robust and easy to clean – just pop them into the washing machine occasionally and they’ll look fantastic for many years to come. Due to the properties of the material used, your conservatory shades will filter UV rays to help keep your conservatory cooler as well as softening the harsh sunlight glare so you can relax in comfort. Explore our site for more information on our revolutionary designer sail blinds then contact us directly to discuss conservatory shades for your home.

Fitting the blinds

In spite of the complex shades and curves, our conservatory shades are incredibly easy to fit, and as each one is made to your specifications you’re guaranteed a fit that needs no extra cutting or manipulation, simply attach the fittings and you can hang your blinds in just a few minutes. Unlike conventional blinds we offer a “No Drill” system for mounting your blinds, meaning you won’t risk invalidating the warranty on your conservatory, and we also offer stylish chrome fittings as an alternative – the choice is yours.

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